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Andy Blalock

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Meet Andy Blalock

Who is Andy Blalock? Andy is from the wonderful small town of Collinwood, TN, where he was raised on Christian principles. He grew up on a small horse and pig farm where he learned that hard work and success are synonymous with one another. Andy was the first male in his family to attend college and earn a degree. He graduated from the University of North Alabama in 2007 with a degree in biology and secondary education.

He moved to Huntsville, AL in 2007 and has been teaching for the Academy for Science & Foreign Language 15 years as a middle school Science Teacher, SGA sponsor, and Positive Behavioral Instructional Support chair. Andy loves basketball and has coached youth teams and middle school. In 2011 he moved to Athens, AL and purchased Grassland Ranch where he has taught kids and adults how to ride horses and barrel race. Andy enjoys helping others and meeting new people. He has served as the National Barrel Horse Association (NBHA) director over 13 North Alabama Counties and developed the “Honey Pot Barrel Racing Productions” hosting barrel racing events all over Tennessee and Alabama.

 When you ask Andy how he grew from a young man with two sisters in an 850 sq. ft home to the first male in his family to graduate college and owning a ranch in Athens he will tell you its by building bridges and losing the matches. “You do not get anywhere in life by simply thinking about it or wishing for it. Hard work, an optimistic attitude, and respect for others will take you very far. Whatever you want must be a priority.”

Andy is blessed to reside in Athens, married to his husband Colton Bullard and surrounded by many wonderful people who have made this run for Congress a possibility.

Andy’s wish is to become a member of the 118th United States Congress and represent the great people of North Alabama, as well as conservative patriots throughout the United States of America. Together, we can define Alabama in Congress as the most patriotic, loving, and constitutional state in America and debunk every evil narrative put forward by the radical left.

For more information and to get to know Andy please join him at a meet and greet coming soon. View the calendar page for up to date appearances and online live sessions.

Priorities As Your Next

Back The Blue

Strengthen National Security

Protect Our 1st and 2nd Amendments

Put Government Spending On A Diet

Stop The Socialist Democrat Agenda

End Illegal Immigration
(We Have A Plan)

Andy Blalock's Common Sense Gas Relief Plan

Reopen The Keystone Pipelines, along with the other pipelines that Biden has shutdown.
Pursue buying more oil from Canada
Reverse Biden's stoppage of oil leases.
Free some oil from the reserves. 
Suspend both Federal and Alabama Gas Taxes until the crisis is over.
Impeach Biden.

Issues Facing Alabama

Public Safety

We cannot live our lives or prosper if our streets are not safe.  Andy Blalock supports law enforcement whether it is our local police or ICE officers.  He will not throw law and order under the bus to score political points.  Andy is committed to making public safety a top priority.

Term Limits For Congress

Andy Blalock is not an insider or a career politician and he doesn’t want to be one.  He is a rancher and teacher who believes in the vision of our founding fathers.  That’s why he proudly signed the Term Limits pledge.  Andy Blalock will end the stranglehold of career politicians who care more about political power than people.

Education: Not Radicalization Of Our Children

As teacher, Andy Blalock is appalled at the radicalization happening in our schools.  He will work to get politics out of our classrooms.  Andy supports parental rights and stopping the teaching of Critical Race Theory that only further divides our country.  

Economic Prosperity NOT Inflation

Our nation is dangerously printing money to keep the economy rolling.  Andy Blalock will implement sound economic free market policy that will grow our economy, end inflation, and stop the bankrupting of our nation.

Secure Borders

Andy Blalock will support securing the borders to keep us safe.  He is the only candidate with a plan to end illegal immigration. 

Building The Wall
No Federal Payouts To Illegal Immigrants
Increasing Funding For ICE
Ending Chain Migration For Non-Immediate Family Members
Ending Catch-and-Release Program allowing criminal illegal immigrants back on the streets.
Ending Sanctuary States by withholding Federal Funds
No More Anchor Babies
Prohibit Federal funding for Attorneys of Illegal Immigrants
Ending  the Abuse Of Asylum Claims
Ending Visa Lottery System
Prohibiting Illegal Immigrants from receiving Taxpayer Funded benefits such as healthcare, welfare, and housing.
Increasing penalties on business that exclusively hire illegal aliens
Requiring Mandatory Employer Verification
Re-evaluating criteria for Refugee Statues
Improving Background Checks on Visas
Withholding Certain Federal Funds for States that allow illegal aliens to obtain Driver's Licenses. 
Ending Visa Overstays
Increased Funding and Penalties For Human Trafficking 
Increased Funding For Immigration Courts Handing Deportation Disputes
Enacting Merit-Based Immigration Reform to Expedite the Naturalization Process

Preserve Our Constitution Rights

No one should be silenced or have their rights trampled.  Andy Blalock will fight to preserve our Constitution rights.  He is a firm believer in our first and second amendment rights.

Protect Life

Life is precious.  We need to stop the devaluing the gift of life.  You can count on Andy Blalock to protect the life at every stage of life.

Government Diet

Ending quasi-government paid lobbying.
Instituting a balanced budget amendment.
Limiting government spending to rate of inflation.
Instituting the Line-Item Veto for the President
Hiring freeze for all non-essential employees
No new entitlements
No more bailouts
Reducing number of federally owned vacant property

Veteran's Plan

Under President Trump’s leadership, services at our VAs significantly improved.  When Biden was elected, he repealed as many of Trump’s decisions as possible.  As the next Congressman, I want to make sure that Biden doesn’t bungle the VAs as he bungled the withdrawal from Afghanistan.  Biden has showed that he doesn’t value our military. He treats them like a chess piece.  They deserve a Congress that will stand up to this President!

I want to pass legislation that allows choice for veterans seeking care either by accessing VA facilities or private service providers
Establish independent review board for inspecting VA facilities.
Create an online patient review system for VAs
Increase funding for homeless veterans
Grant instate tuition rates to veterans
Improve programs for veterans transitioning back to civilian life.

Actions speak louder than words.  I will work to ensure services are improved and they have better access to care.  There also needs to be accountability.  By establishing a review board and allowing patients to rate VAs, we will ensure that our veterans are not being neglected.

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